Referral Campaign Is Now Opened.

We opened the referral campaign to reward those investors that can and are willing to help the project grow.

Since we are focusing on development more than community management, we decided to open a Moderator position campaign in the telegram community for the top 5 referrals.

How to join

The referral campaign is open to everybody that joins the pre-sale.

Login on the pre-sale platform at, and on your dashboard you have a referral link. Copy it and share it on twitter with relevant hashtags and content regarding Brawl Arena Valor

The hashtags are #BrawlArenaPlatform $Valor

Information about the project can be found in the whitepaper on the official website

Referral Rewards

10% of each purchase that happens from the customers referred.

Simple math example: ( 100 customers referred to in Pre-Sale Stage 1, at a minimum buy-in of 4000 Tokens, that is 400,000 VALOR tokens, the referral gets awarded 10% of the amount, which is 40,000 VALOR tokens.) This method will provide proof of work and commitment of the future moderators, and will incentivize them to do the work needed for their portfolio and the community to be successful.

Referred customer rewards:

For the first 5 purchases during the pre-sale period new referred customers get 10% for each purchase that is a 50% bonus in token purchases. So if they buy 5x 4000 = 20000 + 2000 a half of a full purchase bonus.

The moderator slots will be announced at the end of Pre-Sale Stage 1 which starts on 10 December 2021 and will end once sold out.

Pre-Sale Stage 1 Goal: 6,000,000 VALOR tokens to be sold. at 0.003 USDT / VALOR with a bonus purchase of 30%. (this will be applied to those that were not referred, the referred customers will get an additional 10% on their purchase)



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