2022 — Update regarding the projects tokenomics.

The only ownership we hold for now is to be able to distribute the tokens for pre-sale investors and airdrop. And after this period ends, all tokens in circulation will be owned only by the community and the locked BRAWL ARENA PLATFORM Ecosystem.

All the tokens reserved for the team will be locked on the platform environment to serve as a ecosystem liquidity pool, so that every transaction and reward can be backed by real-time value of the $VALOR token.

That means the new token distribution will be as follows:

Token distribution:
Pre-Sale 60%
Liquidity 20%
Platform Ecosystem 20%

Funds allocation:
Development 40%
Strategic Reserve 20%
Liquidity 40%

This means the team has no token holdings, everything will be hold and driven by community token holders and platform users.

The platform has a 5% tax fee on transactions, which will be used as liquidity pool provider for in-game weekly, bi-weekly and monthly rewards.

10% of all the pools value raised by the 5% tax goes to development and team survivability, the rest of the 90% goes as mentioned in our reward system on https://docs.brawl-arena.com.

That will ensure the platform will always have the team behind it to work properly like a swiss watch, and be enticed by that % split to work on the project continuously. And not by the value of the token we hold as developers.

In a few words, if the community profits we profit, we all moon toghether.

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